Sunday, June 27, 2010

We Are In Beijing!

It has been an awesome trip so far. We visited the Forbidden City in Beijing yesterday, and it was a hot, incredible walk. We were told that the Chinese people will love to take a photo with us because of my blond hair. And it was true! Here is a photo with a gal who came up and asked to take a photo with us. So cute.

We also visited a silk factory yesterday, which was fascinating. One of the photos is of Art and I in front of a beautiful silk dress. Another photo is of us in front of portal called, "The Wedding Gate".

Today we get our little Lucy Marie. When we got an update of her photos, I couldn't stop the tears. It is still so incredible to Art and I both that we are getting this beautiful little girl. We are so thankful to God. We went back to our room and thanked Him.

My next blog will hopefully have photos of us with Lucy Marie!